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We Don't Cry is an action defense survival horror shooter game. Defend yourself and your companions from waves of zombies, build and repair resources, trade with merchants, hire mercenaries, gather other survivors, do quests and manage the placement of barricades, turrets, traps, etc.

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I've been told that the spread of a pandemic has turned people into cannibalistic corpses, who are only active at night, nobody knows the reason. I can't tell you more because When I opened my eyes, I was in a car accident which caused me memory loss. After a few days, I met Sarina and her two children, her 9-year-old son Mazar and 10-year-old daughter Tina. Since I didn't remember my name, Mazar suggested calling me Arian till I regain my memory. On our travels, we arrived at a fishing village and met Tur, the head of the lighthouse, and his daughter Bita. Tur told me that in the last contact which he had with his son, who is the captain of a cruise ship, he is moving the ship towards the village to pick them up. It is not more than a few days away from there. So, with Tur's consent, we joined them. We must resist waves of zombies until the arrival of the ship.

You start the game from one of the houses inside the village. In the game and during the day, you can do quests that will be given to you by your companions, build resources, buy items, or hire mercenaries through merchants who occasionally come to the village. You can also repair doors and other damaged structures or you can handle infestations to prevent zombies from invading through them. As time goes on, you can explore more parts of the village and access new resources and items, you can use ham radio during the evenings to gather other Survivors. They will help you defend the village. But, be careful who you trust, not all of the remaining survivors are good folks, some of them may raid your village! At nights, you have to defend yourself and your companions who are hiding in the safe room against the waves of zombies. As time goes by, zombies will evolve and new challenges will appear. high interaction level between player and NPCs and other elements of the game brings a new experience for the players.

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hey umm I have a question can I join the development in this game I'm good at righting and voice acting I work for free and if this gets big I just want a 2%  percent of the profits for 2 years I can change this deal yes I can even work for free for ever just please hire me.

It depends on how much love the game can receive in the future (for example after releasing the early access, we will announce it at the time) and what will be our plans! Give us an email or any social media info so we can contact you if the need arise.


Woo hoo! Demo downloading!!

Hi! Feel free to ask any questions regarding the the game! Give us feedback about art, gameplay, and anything that can help us improve it! It is very much appreciated!

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Hi, we will need a Sound Designer & Composer if the corresponding stretch goal reaches. We will keep your info and contact you at the right time. thanks,

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